Breakpoint Forensics offers expert Digital Forensic Services and Data Recovery in Arizona. This expertise is built on years of experience supporting both criminal and civil investigations, by offering data recovery, as well as reconstruction and analysis of the critical data.

We specialize in Advanced Data Recovery from: Computers, Smartphones, and other Electronic Storage Devices due to damage, deletion, corruption, and formatting.

In addition, we can also offer consultation on a number of different IT, technology integration, and custom installation services.

Services are conducted by a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner. We’ve successfully recovered data and provided investigative services for thousands of digital devices, and hundreds of investigations.

This experience allows us to provide services on a number of levels from private data recovery services, to supporting court cases with forensic expertise. We hold numerous recognized certifications, are trained on the latest methods, and are a recognized authority in the field.

Over 750hrs of additional training in digital forensics and data analysis.

Extensive training and real-world experience using industry leading forensic data recovery hardware and software tools to include: EnCase, FTK, X-Ways, Forensic Explorer, Griffeye, Magnet Axiom/IEF, and more.

Plus, over 1000 hours of active instruction time training other forensics examiners.

Full CV available upon request.

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