Graykey Password Parser Changelog

12/27/2023 GKPasswordParser-V1.5 Release

  • New Feature/Improvements:
    • Improvements to parsing of passcode history file to account for variations noted in some files produced by Graykey that may not have any parameter information included in the file header.  If parameter information is missing but valid passcode hash entries are still present, a ‘blind’ attempt to bruteforce these values will still be attempted iterating from 4 to 6-digit numeric values.
    • Manually trigger check for updates via Right-Click menu.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Additional fix to make sure output files are properly closed and released before auto-open occurs.

12/16/2023 GKPasswordParser-V1.4 Release

  • New Feature/Improvements:
    • New update utility.  If you have an active internet connection, GK Password Parser will check for any updated versions and give you the opportunity to download them when first launched.
    • Additional logging to provide better error troubleshooting.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Final parsed ouput txt and CSV files would occasionally auto-open to blank files at conclusion of process, but could be successfully opened manually afterward.  Added 5 second wait-time following write of parsed password data to files to let writing of files finalize before attempting to open output file.
    • Minor code cleanup and tweaks to minimize potential exceptions during Hashcat processing.

04/23/2023 GKPasswordParser-V1.3 Release

  • New Feature/Improvements:
    • Large rework of the output of parsed password/wordlist file generated.
    • Wordlist is now ordered based on the number of repeating occurrences of a password, ranking the highest occurrences first in the list.
    • Duplicate words are now automatically trimmed from the primary wordlist, and passwords with multiple occurrences are now highlighted in a secondary CSV file that is generated in the same output location giving the exact number of occurrences for each word.
    • Window and output console is now expandable and can be maximized from toolbar button.
    • Added Right click menu with Cut/Copy/Paste functionality.

12/31/2022 GKPasswordParser-V1.2.1 Release

  • Improvements:
    • Added missing support for older sha1 hashes.
    • Improved logic for handling PC History files with 2 or more hashes in them to incrementally move through 4-6 digit key-space to avoid issues when user may have used a mixed of 4-6 digit passcodes.

12/29/2022 GKPasswordParser-V1.2 Release

  • New Feature:
    • Added functionality to bruteforce Passcode History file using integrated version of Hashcat.
    • GUI Selectable Hashcat settings.
  • Minor Fixes/Updates:
    • Fixed typo in logfiles.
    • Initiation buttons auto lock while processing in progress to prevent process  accidentally being started multiple times .

6/07/2022 — Version 1.1

-Initial Public Release