Graykey Password Parser Changelog

04/23/2023 GKPasswordParser-V1.3 Release

  • New Feature/Improvements:
    • Large rework of the output of parsed password/wordlist file generated.
    • Wordlist is now ordered based on the number of repeating occurrences of a password, ranking the highest occurrences first in the list.
    • Duplicate words are now automatically trimmed from the primary wordlist, and passwords with multiple occurrences are now highlighted in a secondary CSV file that is generated in the same output location giving the exact number of occurrences for each word.
    • Window and output console is now expandable and can be maximized from toolbar button.
    • Added Right click menu with Cut/Copy/Paste functionality.

12/31/2022 GKPasswordParser-V1.2.1 Release

  • Improvements:
    • Added missing support for older sha1 hashes.
    • Improved logic for handling PC History files with 2 or more hashes in them to incrementally move through 4-6 digit key-space to avoid issues when user may have used a mixed of 4-6 digit passcodes.

12/29/2022 GKPasswordParser-V1.2 Release

  • New Feature:
    • Added functionality to bruteforce Passcode History file using integrated version of Hashcat.
    • GUI Selectable Hashcat settings.
  • Minor Fixes/Updates:
    • Fixed typo in logfiles.
    • Initiation buttons auto lock while processing in progress to prevent process  accidentally being started multiple times .

6/07/2022 — Version 1.1

-Initial Public Release